“What’s my scrap car worth”?

It is probably the most common question we hear from residents in the Romford area. There are so many variables with scrap cars that there is no quick and easy answer. If you follow some simple guidance it is easy to maximise the value from any scrap car or scrap van starting with your location.

Not many people know that the best price paid for scrap cars usually comes from the closest dealer to you. Some scrap car facilities don’t have a network of drivers and vehicles available to collect end of life cars, so they rely on a network of driver-owned collection agents that usually subcontract the work. A whole new network have tried to dominate the internet by advertising in your town or city claiming to be the biggest recycler in the area, when in fact they sit in an office and instruct a driver to collect meaning there are more people in the profit chain which usually ends up with you getting a lower valuation for your scrap car or van.

If you choose a locally based company specific to your area like Essex Scrap who have there own fleet of recovery vehicles and drivers, you can be sure that you will get a fair price for your scrap car.

What affect the scrap car prices?

There are many different factors that will affect the price you receive for your scrap car or scrap van. First, you must identify the vehicle to the dealer by giving them the registration number make model and the mileage. Once the dealer has identified the vehicle they will ask what’s wrong with it. If your car or van has suffered a total engine failure this will usually greatly reduce the quote because the engine is usually the most profitable and reusable part. If your car is still running but has failed an MOT test or has a flat battery then you can usually expect a higher value.

Some scrap cars and vans are more valuable than others if they are manufactured in Germany or Japan as these vehicles can be exported abroad. Make sure to tell the dealer exactly what problems your car has and what condition it’s in because you will only fall out when the driver comes to inspect and collect a supposedly running car only to find out it’s been stripped to a shell. Always avoid the temptation to strip parts of your scrapper especially the wheels, if the wheels have been removed it will make it a lot harder for the car to be collected unless the dealer has a Hiab lorry which lifts the car off the ground.

Typically BMW, Audi and most Japanese vehicles will command higher valuation as the components used are of high quality and can be recycled again. Another more obvious factor to take into consideration is the size and weight of your scrap vehicle because a little Ka won’t bring much cash for scrap as large heavy Land rover will.

A dealer will also take into consideration the body condition such as the body panels and bumpers, these items can be removed from end of life vehicles and sold on for cash.

Scrap metal is a worldwide commodity and is subject to change on a daily basis. Steel, copper and aluminium are the common metals that have the highest values, as these fluctuate up and down they will have a small impact all the way down the chain to your vehicle, it won’t be much and it’s not really something for you to worry about.

What prices can Essex Scrap offer you?

Make Model Weight Price
Ford Ka 0.91 tonnes £74
Ford Fiesta 0.98 tonnes £92.00
Renault Scenic 1.33 tonnes £104.00
BMW 3 Series 1.29 tonnes £110.00
Toyota Avensis 1.45 tonnes £210.00
Vw Golf 1.41 tonnes £108.00
Landrover Discovery 1.81 tonnes £230.00
Citroen Berlingo 0.93 tonnes £104.00

Prices above are for illustration only.

The blog is written by Paul Sweeney