Essex Scrap FAQ's

Will i need my logbook?

Yes we will need to see the V5c otherwise known as a logbook. If you dont have the V5c we can still collect but we will want to see your driving licence.

Do i have to clean my car?

No we dont require vehicles to be cleaned, but removing all items prior to sale are essential.

How does it work?

Use our online quote form to get a valuation for your vehicle, if you accept then book a time for a collection that suits you.

How do I get started?

Visit the homepage and input your vehicle registration number and post code dont use fake information as we wont be able to give you your valuation.

Will there be a cost to me?

There is no charge for your valuation, we pay you and collect free of charge.

Do I need a face to face meeting?

No if you cant make it to the collection, you can leave the keys and paperwork with some body you trust.

Do you collect scrap car shells?

No we dont collect scrap car shells.

My car has no wheels on it will you still collect?

No we dont collect vehicles with no wheels.

The car or van i want to scrap is not in my name will you still collect?

Yes providing its from your home address and you can provide Id like a driving license.

My car has outstanding finance will you still buy it?

No not until the finance is cleared off as the finance company are still the owners.

Can i drop a car off to you?

No we offer a free collection to save you the bother.

How long does collection take?

We operate as efficiently as possible and try to keep collection times to around 20 minute windows

Who will collect my car!

Our friendly network of drivers will arrive with recovery vehicles suitable to your vehicle.

My battery is flat do you offer jump starts?

Yes all of our drivers have the tools to start cars and vans with dead batterys.

How do we get paid?

We pay direct into your bank account on collection.