It’s easy to get fed up spending money on an old car or van, make money scrapping your old vehicle and do it the environmentally friendly way.

When you have had enough and decide to SCRAP YOUR CAR you will need to find a depot that will collect your car or van and dispose responsibly of it. Essex scrap is a buyer of all makes and models of cars and vans located in the Essex and Kent area. Many steel recycling foundries rely on the scrap car industry to supply hundreds of thousands of tonnes of old scrap metal to keep producing new vehicles.

Knowing when its time to scrap my car

Maybe stripping your old car and using a bucket for a seat and mole grips for a steering wheel is taking it to the extreme, but its defiantly not a good idea to use a vehicle on the road if its failed its MOT or has been involved in an accident when your ready to SCRAP YOUR CAR in the Essex or Kent area then give the professional team at ESSEX SCRAP a call they buy all makes and models and collect free of charge, its not even worth the risk delivering it.

Regular servicing and maintenance of vehicles is essential to a long lifetime and safe use on the roads, yearly visits to the garage for preventative maintenance will help reduce any embarrassing situations besides the highway, quite often we will receive calls from stranded motorist’s that have broken down on the A12 or A130 asking us to collect their scrap car or van.

Popular scrap cars

This title has to be shared between the Ford Ka and the Ford Fiesta, these two models are the most frequent scrap cars we see on our website, the Ka is notorious for its corroding sills and not being able to pass an MOT test, while the Fiesta still suffered from corrosion problems they also failed heavily on lower arm bushes and leaking engine oil.

Another frequent manufacturer that may surprise you is the BMW 1 and 3 series made famous for snapped timing chains reviewed on Tv programme watchdog. Due to poor servicing schedules and improper maintenance, we often get customers with expensive BMW’s asking us to scrap it for them.

Popular scrap vans

The award for the most common scrapped vans goes to the Vauxhall Vivaro common for spitting out the bottom end and just generally having a poorly built engine and gearbox, closely followed by the combo van usually snapping timing chains. The Vivaro van also is known as the Renault Traffic or the Nissan Primastar essentially is all the same van just with different badges. The combo engines come in 1.3 and 1.7 CDTI both suffering the same issues. Essex Scrap buys all types of vans and commercial vehicles so give them a shout for a free no obligation valuation.

We see many patterns emerging from the scrap car market with many common failing components from a variety of manufactures. Another vehicle we see a lot of is the Landrover Range rover with expensive issues usually relating to air suspension and failing turbos quite often just too expensive to fix. Essex scrap is top buyers of scrap land rovers from all over the southeast.

Blog is written by

Paul Sweeney